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Ant Control Bournemouth & Poole


Garden ants

Life cycle

Typical worker ants are 3-4mm long of a brown/black colour with elbowed antennae and biting mouth parts. The queen ant tends to be much larger at about 10mm. Garden ants usually nest outdoors in lawns, flower beds, beneath paving flags and at the base of walls. Premises are usually invaded by worker ants foraging for food, especially sweet foods. During summer, winged Queens and males leave the ants nest on one or two warm afternoons and take flight. During this flight, which may only last for 2- 3 hours, the ant’s mate. The formation of a new colony starts with a mated winged female digging into the earth over winter to start a new colony in the spring.


We will carry out a thorough site inspection to find points of entry, food sources and harbourage. We will apply a spray to all harbourage points with professional insecticides and carefully place ant baits stations along trails. All treatments carried out adhere to COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Heath) Regulations 2002.

Garden ant control in your home

 up to 4-bedroom house

£90 VAT inclusive (within the local area) – 30 day guaranteed 

Pharaoh’s ants

Life Cycle

The Pharaoh’s ant is a small ant of tropical origin. The workers are only 2mm long, whilst the queen is a little larger at 5mm. However, both are yellow in colour. The ant has a characteristic double segmented waist and a darkened tip to the abdomen.

In temperate climates it is an indoor species, associated particularly with large facilities such as hospitals, prisons and blocks of flats. Unlike some other ant species, the queen may be replaced by other queens. This is an important feature to bear in mind during control, as new queens can be produced when needed resulting in colonies which are able to split.


Unless you use a non-repellent spray, baiting is the preferred treatment over typical residual spraying. Baiting is the most reliable way to eliminate the entire colony. Urban Pest Control use professional gel bait from both the sugar-based baits and protein-based baits.

Terraced houses/Blocks of flats

If your neighbours also have these Pharaohs ants it is important that you arrange with them to have the treatment done at the same time to stop re-infestation.

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Rat control & Mouse control
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Wasp Nest Removal
£72 with guarantee.

Ant Control Treatment
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Flea Treatment
£150 with 30-day guarantee.

Squirrel removal & trapping
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Bed Bug Removal Treatment
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Mole Trapping
£72 No Mole No Fee.

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