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Bird Alert – Smart bird scarer system

At Urban Pest Control we can offer a range of bird-proofing methods bespoke to the individual sites, but this new bird scarer alert system is a game changer. The pest birds are fast learners and may stop responding to the older bird scaring methods and won’t see these as a threat anymore.

Nuisance birds like gulls, crows, rooks, Canada geese and starlings can cause damage to buildings and require costly cleaning of guano. Also, pest birds on your site may show aggressive behaviour during nesting season, in particular gulls, and can cause a health and safety risk.

This new bird scarer alert system can be used for complete bird control on the following commercial sites:

Bird Alert with Smart Technology for Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire

  • Hospitals
  • Recycling Centres
  • Industrial Estates
  • Marinas
  • Local councils
  • Food Factories
  • Recycling Centres
  • Sporting Venues
  • Shopping Centres
  • Farms

Industry Leading Bird Alert with Smart Technology

We believe with this new bird scarer system we can keep up to date with forever changing bird licences from Natural England, and the use of smart technology is the way forward.

Bird Alert is an intelligent bird scarer system that monitors your site 24/7 and uses a special microphone to detect specific species of bird up to 250 metres away. All birds like gulls, Canada geese, rooks, crows, and starlings have their own unique calls, and once Bird Alert detects them, it can activate a unique bird distress call and automatically select the aggression level and volume. This will scare these birds away so that no new nests or guano fouling should occur.

The bird alert system consists of a protective box which houses a battery, scare programmes, and audio library. The Bird Alert can monitor the birds present, the time of activation and volume of aggression, which is then recorded in a graph within the bird alert smart app. This site information can be used when applying for a gull nest removal licence from Natural England, should gulls have nested prior to you installing the bird alert system.

Additional bird scaring devices for farms and large industrial areas

The Bird Alert can also be set up with additional scare tools for bird control over farm fields or larger industrial areas.

One additional bird scarer is a gas cannon, which produces a loud noise when the system detects pest bird activity on your site.

Another is an inflatable scare man that can be used If your business or site is near a residential area. The other bird scaring methods could create an unwanted disturbance, so this is a great solution.

Free Bird Alert System Demo

If you’re looking for bird control on a commercial site, we’re happy to offer a free demo of this new Bird Alert system and show you how cost effective this system can be over some of the other methods of bird proofing. Bird Alert really is the best bird scarer for gulls, crows, rooks, Canada geese and starlings. Contact us for a Free Demo now.

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