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Bird Netting for any situation

Bird netting consists of UV stabilised polyethylene and can come in different colours to match the background colour of the building or structure. Netting presents a physical barrier to exclude the most persistent of birds and can be configured horizontally, vertically or at an angle to accommodate most buildings, structures and areas. This is secured into position by being attached to straining wires tensioned through a series of fixed eyebolts to provide a neat taut finish. Our specialist bird control netting team have many years of experience installing pigeon, gull & other bird netting to a wide range of different buildings to provide bird proofing and gull proofing solutions.

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Bird Alert is a new Smart Technology bird scarer for commercial properties and farms. Bird Alert listens to the type of pest birds approaching within 250 metres and activates a unique bird distress call for that breed. It offers complete bird control for gulls, crows, rooks, Canada geese and starlings and is cost effective.

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Anti-perching points or spikes

Anti-perching points or spikes consist of a series of stainless-steel angled wires on a plastic polycarbonate base. These are secured into position by using a neutral silicone adhesive.

They are ideal for ledges, parapets and columns etc and prevent birds from landing without harm. The stainless-steel wires or spikes are very pliable without risk of harming birds. This system can be used in areas where birds are roosting or perching and is particularly effective against feral pigeons and gulls. Our specialist bird control installation team have many years of experience installing anti-perching points or spikes to a wide variety of different structures.

Bird Spiking


The daddi long legs bird deterrent system can be used against feral pigeons and gulls, up to medium infestation pressures. This bird control system is ideal for use on surfaces that require regular access for maintenance, such as silo tops, air conditioning units, ventilation plant, and streetlights. The anti-perching spider that rotates around a central spindle and protects a circular area ranging from 1.25m – 2.5m in diameter

Daddi Long Legs


Bird wire systems are a cost-effective, extremely versatile and totally humane bird proofing or deterrent system which can be used effectively to keep pigeons and gulls off buildings and structures. Sprung bird wire systems can be adapted to fit almost any building domestic or commercial. This system is only suitable for light to medium bird pressure.

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Bird free optical deterrent gel won’t cause damage to buildings or structures. The bird free gel can be placed on telecom poles, electric power structures, bridge beams, marine structures, ornamental copings, sign boards, balconies, roof lines, ledges, gutters etc.

Bird free optical gel can be used to deter feral pigeons and other unwanted birds from building facilities and structures and acts. The bird free optical deterrent gel will provide at least two years of protection against unwanted bird pests.

Bird Free Jel


We specialise in pigeon proofing solar panels across Dorset. Using bespoke techniques, we can stop nuisance birds from nesting on your solar panels at a highly competitive quote. Whether you are protecting commercial property or your domestic house we can help you with any issue from birds roosting or nesting.

Solar Panel Pigeon Protection


Scaryman is an electronic, inflatable scarecrow that features lights and a siren. It is a highly effective bird deterrent that is ideal for commercial roof spaces or on a variety of farmland.


Guano or fouling removal

Bird fouling from birds such as feral pigeons, gulls, starlings and house sparrows if left to accumulate can present serious safety and disease risks. We are experienced in the removal of guano and associated debris such as feathers, nesting material, carcasses etc., including the cleaning and disinfection of the contaminated area. Our team of experienced bird control technicians will recommend appropriate measures that can be introduced or implemented to ensure that your environment remains free of infestation. We have many years of experience in bird guano removal and cleaning operations.

Bird fouling if left can

  • Harbour pathogens and viral infections.
  • Encourage insect activity such as flies, carpet beetles and mites.
  • Damage stonework and paintwork through its acidity.
  • Present risk of slipping and accidents.

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Population control

Sometimes it may be necessary to carry out flock reduction or population control measures. This form of control should only be undertaken after all other methods have been explored and considered. It can be very effective in removing persistent problems and reduce numbers rapidly. Our qualified team of experts will ensure that regardless of your problem we will work with you in an ethical and responsible manner in what can be clearly a very sensitive issue. Our specialist control team have many years of experience in flock reduction measures such as trapping, shooting and bird dispersal laser.

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Access Solutions

We offer Cherry Picker hire with a fully licensed operator. All our booms/hoists tested every 6 months to ensure the safety of all our employee. This testing process is mandatory and is equivalent to having a MOT on your car. All operator are IPAF trained and CSCS card holders (Construction Skills Certification Scheme).

Access Solutions

Urban Pest Control work with Giraffe Access which supports our customers with their suspended access requirements in a range of sectors and applications. Giraffe supply suspended cradle equipment to use on a variety of structures for carrying out work on a wide range of projects.

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Natural England licence applications

Gulls are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, they are on the Conservation red list therefore it is illegal for anyone to injure or kill gulls or to damage and destroy active nests, to do so will lead to a hefty fine and/or imprisonment. Natural England, the UK government’s advisor issues licences to give professional pest controllers like us at Urban Pest Control the authority to manage bird control within a local area. This is site specific license application; Urban Pest Control will work with you to achieve a license application for gull nest removal. We are happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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Bird traps are made from welded mesh with a sheet metal base, they have two bob wire entrances and a door in the top. This method of pigeon trapping is to remove them safely and humanely from the site as trapped birds are removed through top door.

Humane bird control using bird traps in Dorset


Cages are customised to fit specific area. They prevent areas from getting blocked with nesting materials. The cages are constructed from 12-gauge steel welded mesh.

Bird Control using wire cages in Bournemouth, Poole & Dorset


Introducing our bird of prey pest control program to an established nesting area is beneficial as it not only reduces the amount material left behind by Gulls such as nest debris and guano but also reduces the population of gulls at the site by the birds of prey’s mere presence. Our in-house falconer will work with you to put a detailed plan in place regarding the number of flights that are required to to deter problem birds away. Further information on our Bird of prey pest control program can be found on our falconry pest control page.

Falconry Pest Control
  • Free survey to determine the problem and to outline the most suitable control measure.
  • Risk assessments carried out prior to work undertaken.
  • All technicians are trained, qualified and DBS checked.
  • All our vehicles are discreet, non-sign written.
  • Fast reliable service.
  • Flexible appointment times.
  • Same day response

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NPTA Pest Contol Dorset


Proud members of an accredited professional association, The National Pest Technicians Association keeps us up to date with the latest Standards, Techniques, products and legal requirements within the Pest Control Industry.

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Trading Standards

When using our services feel safe in the knowledge that we are trading standards approved. The Buy With Confidence Scheme ensures our services are trusted and carried out by vetted, DBS checked technicians.


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