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If you have a honeybee swarm then don’t panic! Generally, bees are not as aggressive as wasps or hornets and it is rarer to be stung by a bee. They only tend to sting if they feel in danger or if their hive is being threatened.

If you find a honeybee swarm, we can collect quickly (within the same day). If the swarm is not collected it could colonise in your wall cavity, chimney, or roof. We strongly advise you get the swarm removed quickly to prevent this risk.

Urban Pest Control are both beekeepers and pest controllers who are experts in re-homing bee swarms in the East Dorset area.

There are over 250 species of bees in Britain. The honeybee and bumble bees live in colonies and belong to a group known as the social bees, but most bee species do not live in colonies and are solitary bees.


They are brown and yellow in colour and smaller than the bumblebee. They are the species kept by beekeepers in hives from which honey and wax are made. The numbers can vary in a colony from 40,000 to 50,000 at the height of the season (July).

Solitary bees

Solitary bees are to be found in many gardens during spring and summer but go largely unobserved. Common species include the masonry, mining and leaf cutter bees.

Masonry bees

The female is often seen constructing a tiny tunnel in a wall, normally in the pointing between the bricks where she lays a single egg.


Larger and rounder than honeybees and often produce a deep buzzing sound, bumble bees build small round grass nests, often under buildings or in holes in the ground. They do not swarm, nor do they sting, unless the nest is disturbed. If possible, bumblebee nests should be left undisturbed, as at the end of the summer, all bees, except the queen, will die and the nest will be abandoned.

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