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In approximately 650 AD, a group of missionaries sent by St. Birinus from Dorchester in Oxfordshire arrived in a small settlement in Wessex known then as Twynam, meaning “between two rivers”. Today, we know this settlement as Christchurch in Dorset. This was a great place for ancestors to settle, as it was a stretched piece of high land at the confluence of the Rivers Avon and Stour. During Saxon times, Christchurch was a particularly important port, with the harbour bringing in goods from the continent and using the rivers to import goods into mainland Wessex. This was noted by Alfred the Great, who gave the town a Burgh and township status to its 47 residents.

Christchurch, however, didn’t get its name until the 11th century when work started to build the monastery. Originally, it was meant to be at the top of St Catherine’s Hill. However, it is said that each day the builders returned, their work was undone and moved to the site of the original Saxon priory. Another story is told of the miraculous beam, which the carpenters cut too short. But the following day, after an unknown, silent carpenter appeared to work then disappeared again, they tried the beam again, which was a perfect fit. The builders believe the mystery man was Jesus, and that’s how Christchurch got its name. Work continued for centuries, and eventually, the Saxon work was also rebuilt. The Christchurch Priory with its medieval and monastic styles that we see today was finally finished in the sixteenth century. All the work on the priory makes it the longest church in England and was lucky to survive Henry VIII’s rule. The priory church offers tours to climb the 176 steps up the church tower, with panoramic views of the town from the top.


Like many Norman and Saxon towns, there once stood a castle in Christchurch. Now, there are just the ruins of the Norman Castle that was destroyed during the English Civil War. The typical motte and bailey provided comfortable living for notable families, and the Norman house near the ruins provided grand living quarters for the once Lord of Christchurch and his family. The fascinating history certainly attracts many visitors to the area, but at Urban Pest Control we are committed to providing specialist pest removal services and keeping this lovely town free of unwanted visitors.

During all the centuries that Christchurch has had residents, the harbour has remained an important focal point – a busy trading port selling copper, silver, gold, and iron, as well as luxurious wines and glass used in jewellery making. Due to the trading in the town, smugglers became an issue until the middle of the 19th century. Smugglers used underground tunnels taking them to the outskirts of the New Forest, where they could use the vast land to hide their goods. The salmon weathervane on the priory was an aid to the smugglers as it indicated men approaching. The natural harbour is now a little more peaceful but is the perfect place to do a variety of water sports and offers boats for hire to take a leisurely trip along the Quomps on the edge of the River Stour.

The Quomps in Christchurch is a flat area of land at the town’s Quay and is home to a children’s play area, as well as an exciting splash park for children to cool down safely in the summer sun. Many events take place at the Quomps, such as the annual festival Stompin’ on the Quomps and many outdoor film viewings from the Victorian bandstand.

Christchurch is not just water activity-based; there is so much more to this riverside town. The cobbled streets are hosts to a mixture of shops from health and beauty, florists to souvenirs, and high street favourites. Saxon Square hosts a market every Monday. There are various restaurants and cafes serving up local delights. Fortunately for these fantastic businesses, Urban Pest Control is available to provide emergency pest control services for any issues they may experience. The town is a fantastic place to visit on holiday, with these to tempt you. Other local attractions include Adventure Wonderland, a theme park aimed at families with children aged between 3-10 years, and Snowtrax Alpine Activity Centre. No matter the weather, Snowtrax is a great day out, whether you’re zooming down the slopes on skis, ringos, and ski-bobs, enjoying a run around in the playpark or just relaxing in the bistro.

Don’t forget all the fun to be had at the local beach – Avon Beach is situated in Mudeford at the mouth of Christchurch Harbour, hidden behind a residential area. The sandy beach is an ideal spot to wind down. Mudeford is a blend of beaches, fishing, and water sports, and the calm waters are popular with windsurfers and sailing boats. It is also the best place to try your hand at crab fishing – nets, bait, and buckets can be purchased from the shop while you watch the local fishermen at work or take in the view of the Mudeford sandspit peninsula. There is a foot passenger ferry that departs from Mudeford Quay to the sandspit, lined with colourful beach huts that are available to hire for a relaxing day out.

On the other side of Avon Beach is the shingle and sand beach of Friars Cliff, with views across the Solent towards the Isle of Wight. Leading from Friars Cliff along the coastal path past the 24-acre wooded area of Steamer Point Nature Reserve is the seaside town of Highcliffe. Once named Slop Pond and then later Newtown, Highcliffe finally got its name after a house was built on top of the high cliff. Highcliffe consists of beaches, local businesses, holiday parks, and shops with an array of different offerings and is only a short drive to the New Forest. Highcliffe is also known for Highcliffe Castle, a medieval building made from French Renaissance stone that was built in 1831. It has spectacular views of the sea and heathland on the other side. A popular destination for high society in the Victorian era, especially with the likes of Harry Selfridge, unfortunately, due to a fire and neglect, the castle remained unused until 1977 when the local council took over ownership and restored it into the beautiful wedding venue as well as holding many other events and exhibitions and guided walks within the grounds.

With its rich history and fabulous days out for all ages, Christchurch and the surrounding areas can cater to everyone no matter their interests, whether they are locals or visitors to the town. Fortunately for the residents and businesses of the area, Urban Pest Control is on hand to deliver emergency pest control in Christchurch, ensuring the town remains welcoming and appealing for those who visit.

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