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Domestic Mole Control

Urban Pest Control offer a NO MOLE NO FEE service for domestic gardens, we don’t charge any set up fee but do charge £84 per mole VAT inclusive (within the local area) and offer 50% discount for moles trapped on the same visit. Remember if we don’t catch your mole you don’t pay a penny. Our mole catchers provide a friendly and professional mole catching service. Traditional method of trapping used, we don’t use any gases or poisons, this ensures a fast and humane end to your mole problem. All the traps are set underground and out of sight for safe and effective control.

Moles are woodland animals in nature but can quickly colonize and spread through adjacent residential properties. Moles are active creatures feeding every 4 hours and can eat up to 2/3rds of their body weight every day, with the earthworm among their favourite food source.

If not handled properly they can ruin your nice landscaped lawn. Since they need a well-established tunnel network to survive, the longer they’re allowed to tunnel, the more habituated they become. This causes more damage and the moles become more difficult to control.

Commercial Mole Control

Urban Pest Control also offer a slightly different approach for commercial premises regarding mole control. Commercial sites (can contain a large amount of moles) which include golf courses, schools ,farms and equestrian centres. We can offer a free site survey to discuss your requirements.

  • Fast reliable service.
  • Flexible appointment times.
  • Same day response
  • All our vehicles are discreet, non-sign written.
  • All technicians are trained, qualified and DBS checked.
  • 24/7 emergency callout service for our commercial customers.

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Proud members of an accredited professional association, The National Pest Technicians Association keeps us up to date with the latest Standards, Techniques, products and legal requirements within the Pest Control Industry.

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Trading Standards

When using our services feel safe in the knowledge that we are trading standards approved. The Buy With Confidence Scheme ensures our services are trusted and carried out by vetted, DBS checked technicians.



Rat control & Mouse control
£90 per visit (minimum 2 visits required)

Wasp Nest Removal
£84 with guarantee

Ant Control Treatment
£120 with 30-day guarantee.

Flea Treatment
from £150 per treatment with 30-day guarantee.

Squirrel removal & trapping
£90 per visit.

Bed Bug Removal Treatment
from £480 with 30-day guarantee.

Mole Trapping
£84 No Mole No Fee.

All Prices quoted are VAT inclusive.

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mole control Wimborne & Dorset

Frequently Asked Questions for Moles:

How many Moles will I have in my garden?

This depends on the size of your garden, on average, there will be 3-5 moles per acre. Whilst you will notice the sudden appearance of mole hills and damage to the flower beds as well as tearing up tree roots to look for a food source, a lot of the damage to your garden will be below the ground level, moles dig out tunnels and borrow for food this potentially leaves your ground unstable and may cause injury your pets and livestock.

Do moles go away naturally?

Moles wont typically vanish naturally unless they no longer have a food source. If a mole issue is not attended to, they can ruin your landscaped garden. Moles need a well-established tunnel network to survive, the longer they’re allowed to tunnel, the more habituated they become and more difficult to control.

Can I rid my garden of moles myself?

There are many DIY methods to try to eradicate your lawn from moles, any moles that you catch are protected under the animal welfare act 2006 and the Wildlife and Countryside act 1981. If they are not killed humanly then you could be jailed and receive an unlimited fine for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. Using a professional trained pest controller such as Urban Pest Control will remove the risk, we use the traditional method of trapping.

What is your procedure for treating my garden of moles?

Our friendly, qualified technicians will assess the new recent signs of mole activity to determine to where to place our equipment, this requires skill and experience to install our traps correctly, we don’t charge any set up fee. At Urban Pest control we don’t use gases or poisons to treat a mole issue, All the traps are set underground and out of site ensuring safety and a fast humane end to your mole problem. Our technicians will return to your property to remove all traps and caught moles with our NO MOLE, NO FEE price promise. (local area only, 50% discount for additional moles trapped on the same visit)

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We offer mole control across Dorset and Hampshire including Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Wimborne, Wareham, Blandford, Ferndown, West Moors, Verwood, Ringwood and Fordingbridge



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