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Rat Control Dorset

Rat and Mouse Control for your home

Rat and mouse control in your home £72 VAT inclusive per visit within the local area Monday to Friday, weekend callouts will incur an additional charge.

We recommend a minimum of 2 visits to take care of your rat or mouse problem.

  • Local pest control experts.
  • Fast reliable service.
  • Flexible appointment times.
  • All technicians are trained, qualified and DBS checked.
  • All our vehicles are discreet, non-sign written.

Importance of Rodent Control

  • Rat urine and droppings can transmit diseases such as Weil’s disease (Leptospirosis).
  • Rodents can cause damage to your property by gnawing and burrowing.
  • Property owners have a legal obligation under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949.

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Rat Blocker for your drains

Rats live and travel in public sewerage systems. If there is any damage to the pipe work system, rats can quickly and easily enter your home through the drainage system, and from there access the rest of your home.

We are the South Coast’s leading supplier of Rat Wall for domestic underground drains.

4’’ Rat Wall for £180 each.

6’’ Rat Wall for £240 each.

Prices include installation and VAT inclusive

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Mice Removal and Control

Finding mice in your home can be very distressing. Mice can spread disease in their search for food and shelter, posing health risks, particularly in your kitchen. Mice can also breed and multiply quickly, one pair can have between five and eight litters per year. The gestation period is roughly 19-21 days and the female will give birth to a litter of between three and fourteen young.

To identify a mouse problem, you should look out for:

  • Mouse droppings are often widespread measuring approx 3 to 6mm long, cylindrical with rounded ends.
  • Smear marks when a mouse constantly travels in and out of an area will leave grease from its fur causing a dark brown/ black mark.
  • Gnawing: mice gnaw continually on materials such as wood, carpets, paper, pipe cables, and furniture.
  • Mouse noises: scratching or squeaking in walls, under stairs cupboards, lofts or other voids.

Proofing Air Bricks

Our mouse control vents are made entirely from stainless steel. They offer a tough and effective solution when it comes to tackling mice infestations quickly. Experience has shown that rodents are able to chew through the plastic surrounds of a standard airbrick cover and access buildings this way. With this in mind, we always recommend using tougher stainless steel airbrick grills, which will be impervious to rodent attacks.

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Rat control & Mouse control
£72 per visit (minimum 2 visits required )

Wasp Nest Removal
£72 with guarantee

Ant Control Treatment
£90 with 30-day guarantee.

Flea Treatment
£150 with 30-day guarantee.

Squirrel removal & trapping
£72 per visit.

Bed Bug Removal Treatment
from £480 with 30-day guarantee.

Mole Trapping
£72 No Mole No Fee.

All Prices quoted are VAT inclusive.

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