Bird Free Gel Provides the Perfect Bird Proofing Solution in Southbourne

Bird Free Gel Provides the Perfect Bird Proofing Solution in Southbourne

When it comes to dealing with nuisance birds, finding the right solution is crucial. At Urban Pest Control we specialise in offering tailored advice to address the unique needs of our customers and their buildings. Recently, a situation arose in Southbourne, Dorset, where bothersome birds were wreaking havoc on a balcony. Seeking professional assistance, the property owners turned to Urban Pest Control for an effective bird control resolution.

On a glorious, sun-drenched day, our director, Matt, accompanied by team member Wayne, arrived at the scene. After a thorough assessment, they presented the property owners with a viable option: the use of bird repellent. Specifically, they introduced a cutting-edge Bird Free gel, ideal for deterring feral pigeons. The first step involved meticulously cleaning the balcony, ensuring a pristine surface for the gel application. Following the recommended guidelines, the bird gel was carefully placed in strategic positions.

The uniqueness of the Bird Free gel lies in its eco-friendly, non-toxic, oil-based formula. Unlike other products, this gel can be seamlessly installed both vertically and horizontally, making it an ideal choice for balconies. Furthermore, its resilience against extreme weather conditions and waterproof nature contribute to its effectiveness. The gel creates a visual illusion for the birds, simulating a fire in the area, which effectively discourages nesting.

In this particular scenario, the Bird Free gel proved to be the optimal solution. Notably, it seamlessly blends with the breathtaking coastal views the building has that stretch from the Isle of Wight to the Hengistbury Head, and from Old Harry’s Rocks in Studland to the sandy beaches of Bournemouth and Boscombe Pier.

Are you facing similar issues at your home or business? Don’t let pesky birds disrupt your peace and property. Contact Urban Pest Control today for effective bird-proofing solutions that harmoniously blend with your surroundings. Let us help you ensure a clean and peaceful environment while safeguarding your property from unwanted winged intruders.