Bird Netting Offers the Perfect Solution at Dorset History Centre

Bird Netting Offers the Perfect Solution at Dorset History Centre

As Dorset’s leading pest control company, our team is always on the road visiting different towns and areas. The opportunity to see so much of this lovely county we call home is definitely a privilege. Recently, we had the pleasure of paying a visit to one of our favourite places – Dorchester! This historic market town is always a joy to work in and this time was no different. We were contacted by Dorset History Centre who were in need of professional bird control services and the Urban Pest Control team had the perfect solution.

Founded in 1955 the Dorset History Centre is run by Dorset Council and the Joint Archives Advisory Board (JAAB). Originally based at County Hall, it moved to the purpose-built building situated on Bridport Road in 1991. Its six miles of environmentally controlled shelves hold the parish registers for baptisms, marriages and burials, along with records of court hearings, prisoner records, school enrolment listings and details of organisations such as Scouts, Guides and The Women’s Institute.

It’s not just an archive for the council records and personal collections though. It is also home to the local studies library, with approximately fifteen thousand books, newspapers and other documents about Dorset’s history, people and environment. It is a valuable resource for the community with study areas, microfilm rooms and computers available for public use. Dorset History Centre is committed to supporting local projects relating to the heritage of Dorset whilst conducting conservation work on documents. The fantastic team there often visit local schools and higher education institutions to give talks about their work in preserving Dorset’s history.

Dorset History Centre became the first institution in the Low Carbon Dorset initiative which aims to reduce the county’s carbon footprint by improving energy efficiency and increasing the use of renewable energy. To achieve this Dorset History Centre has installed LED Lighting, passive air handling systems and solar panels.

Bird Netting Solar Panels

That’s where they needed Urban Pest Control’s expert services! They required a bird control solution that would protect the newly installed solar panels from the damage and mess that birds can cause. Solar panels offer a warm and protected area which is perfect for a nest so many birds, especially pigeons, take advantage of that. Unfortunately, birds will often peck or scratch the solar panels, causing damage to the wiring. The birds will also cover the solar panels with guano which can be detrimental to their efficiency.

We recommended bird netting as the ideal solution to preventing birds gaining access to the solar panels. It was a technical two-day project as our team installed a 20m x 10m bird net over the roof valley. This is a highly effective and humane method of protecting the solar panels against potential damage. With the help of construction company Stepnell, overseen by the extremely helpful and accommodating site manager Adam, we utilised their scaffolding to access the roof and mount the bird netting. As always, we were very mindful of health and safety regulations and the project was a complete success.

Bird Netting Dorset History Centre

Bird Netting in Dorchester

As society increasingly utilises renewable energy solar panels will become more and more common, and just like at Dorset History Centre they will need protection against bird related damage. At Urban Pest Control we offer a comprehensive range of bird control services and can provide the perfect solution for your solar panel, roof or any other part of your residential or commercial property.