Face Fit Testing at Breathe Safety Services

Face Fit Testing at Breathe Safety Services

Here at Urban Pest Control, health and safety are important to us and we ensure that as a company, we comply with all aspects of the requirements. However, when it comes to the safety of our technicians, it is vital that we all do what we can to keep up to date in order to protect them. That is why we recently sent our technicians to have their face fit test for their Respiratory Protective Equipment.

Face fit testing ensures that the equipment is suitable for the individual wearer and guarantees that the RPE is sealed to avoid breathing in hazardous substances. It is required by law to support guidance for COSHH, CAR (Control of Asbestos Regulations), and the test should always be conducted by a competent qualified person.

Breathe Safety Group

The test was carried out by Breathe Safety Services at their training centre in the Aviation Business Park near Bournemouth Airport. Founded by Nick Aris in 2001, Breathe Safety Services has been working with people across various industries for over two decades to ensure their safety when wearing a mask for work, gaining many accreditations in the process. The test was carried out professionally and efficiently, only taking approximately 20 minutes, and it involved a range of testing exercises to detect whether airborne particles are passing into the mask through the seal.

We’d like to thank the excellent team at Breathe Safety Services for their help. Everybody at Urban Pest Control can now rest assured knowing that our technicians are safe to continue solving our customers’ pest issues using effective equipment and the best practices possible.