Hope Pays a Visit to Brewery Square

Hope Pays a Visit to Brewery Square

Ryan, our master falconer, and Hope, our gorgeous Harris Hawk, recently had the pleasure of enjoying a day out to Brewery Square in Dorchester. Unfortunately for them both though it wasn’t a leisure trip and they were instead there to carry out some work!

Brewery Square, situated in the heart of Dorchester on the site of the former Eldridge Pope Brewery, is a fantastic area featuring a wide range of eateries, bars, retail outlets, entertainment venues and more. As a very busy location that is popular with both locals and those visiting Dorchester, it goes without saying that safety and cleanliness are hugely important.

We were contacted and asked whether we could help with the control of the pest bird population that inhabited the area. Brewery Square is lovely but it may discourage people from visiting if there is bird mess and seagulls attempting to steal people’s sandwiches! Fortunately, providing effective pest control solutions is exactly what we do here at Urban Pest Control and we were more than happy to help!

Different situations call for different methods of bird control and after surveying the area we advised that our expert falconry services would offer the most successful outcome for Brewery Square. This involves introducing a bird of prey to an area in order to deter other birds. As you might imagine, pigeons, gulls and other birds aren’t too keen to hang around if there is a hawk flying about the place, so it is an incredibly effective method that has an immediate impact.

Hope at Brewery Square - Bird of Prey Pest Control
Hope keeping a watchful eye over Brewery Square

Ryan devised a perfect plan of action and took Hope along to Brewery Square to get to work, with fantastic results! Hope was excellent and made sure her presence was definitely felt by the local bird populations, politely encouraging them to move on and find somewhere else to roost. Ryan and Hope have a few more visits planned in the future just to make sure some of the more determined birds stay away.

Visit our bird of prey pest control services page for more information on this highly effective method of bird control.