New Bird Scarer System Offers the Perfect Solution

New Bird Scarer System Offers the Perfect Solution

When it comes to pest control, no two jobs are ever the same. Whether it is the type of pest we are dealing with, the type of building that is experiencing pest issues or the local surroundings, each situation comes with its own differences and challenges. At Urban Pest Control we thrive on these challenges, always striving to offer effective solutions which are tailored to each specific circumstance. During a recent call out, our new Bird Alert system proved to be the perfect solution to the significant gull issue our client was experiencing.

We received a call from a local building merchant as the roof of their brand new building had become the preferred home to a number of gulls. During a site survey, offered free of charge, we discovered a heavy population of gulls within the area, as well as a significant amount of guano on the building roof. After carrying out some initial bird proofing measures, including falconry services, these pesky gulls turned out to be much more stubborn than usual!

Introducing Bird Alert

A new tactic was required, so we offered a demonstration of our smart bird scarer system, Bird Alert. The success was immediate as the gulls scattered and didn’t return for several hours. However, their return was not a problem. Bird Alert comes equipped with a microphone that can detect the presence of birds at a distance of 250 metres. When the gulls came back, the system automatically activated and a distress call was sounded that sent the gulls on their way once again.

Unsurprisingly, our clients were very impressed and decided to purchase the system, which is now fully installed on their roof offering ongoing gull control. Having this in place before nesting season begins allows for effective prevention of gull habitation, harmlessly and humanely encouraging them to seek alternative locations.

Bird Alert is an industry-leading technology, offering an unrivalled bird scarer solution that is suitable for a wide range of property types. It can be monitored via smartphone app, which lets us observe the situation and make any necessary adjustments to the system without the need for a site visit. Visit our bird scarer page for more information on this fantastic system, or contact us today to arrange a free demonstration.