Old Town Infant School Bird Netting Project

Old Town Infant School Bird Netting Project

Urban Pest Control recently supplied and installed bird netting over the rooftop valley at Old Town Infant School in Poole. The net covers the original building, which stands alongside the new purpose-built structure. Technicians Andy, Wayne, John, and director Matt worked seamlessly together to install this complex bird-proofing system at the school site.

The History of Old Town Infant School

Old Town Infant School is one of the oldest schools in the town, and throughout its rich history it has seen many changes over the years. Originally known as South Road School, it was established in January 1912 and provided education for children aged 4 to 12 of both genders. In 1962, it merged with Lagland Street School and was renamed South Road Mixed Junior and Infant School. Lagland School has its own historical significance, dating back to 1793 when it was known as British Chapel Lane. In 1894, under the supervision of headmistress Miss Isabel Rattray, the Chapel Day School moved to the Lagland site and expanded. In 1974, South Road School changed its name to South Road Combined School, and after a closure in July 1997 for reorganisation, it reopened in September of the same year as Old Town County First School and Nursery, catering to children aged 4 to 8. Today, the school, led by Mr. Gubbins as the headmaster, is known as Old Town Infant School and Nursery, accommodating up to 232 pupils aged 3 to 8. It operates as part of the Coastal Learning Partnership.

Combining Effective Bird Control Solutions for Superior Results

Prior to the installation of the bird netting, our in-house falconer, Ryan, has already been visiting Old Town Infant School with his birds of prey to reduce the gull population. By combining falconry pest control with bird netting we can deliver an effective bird-proofing solution. Having multiple methods of bird control offers several benefits, including a reduction in guano, debris, noise, and other distractions for the pupils. The netting acts as a physical barrier, deterring persistent birds, while blending into the background. Our experienced team can customise the netting to fit any area.

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