RatMat Electric Flooring – Rat Control Dorset

RatMat Electric Flooring – Rat Control Dorset

Urban Pest Control were recently contacted by a pet food supplier based in Christchurch who had some concerns over the possibility of rodents accessing their property. External CCTV cameras had confirmed that there was an active population of rats in and around the industrial estate in which they are situated. With a warehouse full of products that would make a tasty treat for the local rodents it was imperative to ensure measures were in place to protect against any potential pest problem. Fortunately they knew that when it comes to rat control in Dorset, Urban Pest Control is the only call you need to make.

We responded quickly and it didn’t take long to establish that the possibility of rats gaining entry to the property and causing potentially expensive damage to stock and other equipment definitely justified a long-term solution. Our recommended course of action was the installation of a RatMat.

RatMat, a relatively new pest control product, is installed as flooring and uses a low energy pulse which acts as a hugely effective rodent deterrent. Utilising technology similar to an electric fence, any time a rat, mouse or other type of rodent approaches the RatMat they will receive a shock which will frighten them away from the protected area. While the electric pulse is strong enough to deter unwanted rodents, it is still significantly less powerful than a standard electric fence, so you can rest assured that it is safe to be walked on, driven on and used in a working environment.

RatMat - rat control dorset

Rat Control Dorset

With a growing focus on protecting the environment and reducing the use of pesticides the RatMat offers a humane and eco-friendly alternative to other types of rat and mouse control. It can provide effective and efficient pest control for businesses within the food and farming industries, including food storage facilities and farm buildings, as well as offering homes and other property types reliable protection against rats, mice and other rodents.

We can provide a complete RatMat supply and installation service for customers throughout Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch, Weymouth, Dorchester and all surrounding areas. If you require rat control in Dorset get in touch with Urban Pest Control today to discuss how our expert pest control services can meet your needs.