Residential Gull Control in Sandbanks

Residential Gull Control in Sandbanks

One of the best things about doing what we do is that it allows us to get out and about, working in different settings and surroundings every day. Delivering expert pest control services to residents and commercial clients across Dorset means we get to experience a varied range of property types and locations on a regular basis. We recently visited a property in Sandbanks to install some seagull control measures and it was certainly up there with some of the best views we’ve ever experienced while working!

Seagull Control

The client had been experiencing an unwanted seagull presence at their property. Some of the local gulls had developed a habit of frequently visiting the roof of their home and bringing with them the nuisance behaviour seagulls are known for, including noise and mess. They knew a call to the experts was in order and their requirements were straight forward – make sure the gulls stop visiting their roof. Not a problem for the team at Urban Pest Control!

We have a number of options which provide effective gull control for domestic and commercial properties, making sure any gull problems become a thing of the past. After surveying the property and discussing the situation with the clients, it was agreed that installing specialist seagull spikes alongside several bird scaring devices would achieve the desired results. These methods are humane deterrents which don’t cause the birds any harm – it simply encourages them to move on and find somewhere else to hang out!

Bird Guano Removal

However, even though they wouldn’t be returning in the future, the seagulls had left plenty of evidence of their presence behind in the way of waste and droppings. Bird fouling can harbour pathogens and viral infections, and if left untreated it can also lead to increased insect activity as well as causing damage to the building’s stonework and paintwork. Fortunately at Urban Pest Control we can also provide a professional bird guano removal service. We cleared the roof of all bird fouling, guano, feathers and other waste, leaving it looking spotless.

With the hard work taken care of we finally had a chance to enjoy the amazing surroundings. The property was situated at a prime location in Sandbanks and the roof offered the perfect vantage point to take in the view across Poole Harbour. With clear blue skies and the sun beaming down we could have sat there for hours admiring the gorgeous scenery. However, with so many people throughout Dorset relying on our expert pest control services we couldn’t hang around for as long as we’d have liked!

Bird Control in Dorset

At Urban Pest Control we offer a comprehensive range of bird control services. From seagull spikes, pigeon spikes and bird netting to seagull nest removal and falconry services we are confident we can provide the perfect solution for your specific situation. We treat every job with complete confidentiality and our discreet vans provide privacy against prying eyes and nosy neighbours. If you are in need of any pest control services get in touch with us today to become another one of our many satisfied clients!

Quick response to our enquiry. Knowledgeable, efficient and helpful team. Matt, Kelly & Andy were professional throughout their visit. Pleasure dealing with this company and have no hesitation in recommending their services. 5 star review from residential client in Sandbanks