Rooftop Safety and Access Training

Rooftop Safety and Access Training

Before the Christmas break, a few members of the Urban team—Matt, Andy, Ryan, and John—travelled up to Bracknell to attend a Rooftop Safety and Access course led by Sam at Arco Professional Safety Services. The course was very in-depth, covering all aspects of working at heights and rooftop safety, such as legislation for working at heights, consideration of rescue and emergency procedures, rooftop hazards and control measures, and much more.

In addition to all the theory and a written examination, the team also refreshed their skills with a practical assessment. They harnessed up and made sure they all had the appropriate PPE before heading up to the roof to put their theory to the test and show their knowledge of anchor points & edge protection. They then used their practical skills as they climbed the training tower, which is usually used to train telecoms engineers. We’re pleased to say that they all passed and have received their certificates!

Bird Control for Properties of All Types

Staying up to date with legislation and refreshing our training is important to us. As always, the safety of our technicians is paramount in all the work they do. Understanding the different environments and situations when working at heights is vital for many of the pest solutions we provide. As Dorset’s leading independent pest control specialists, it is essential that we have the necessary training and knowledge to carry out all types of pest control and removal services. Roof Safety and Access training enables us to offer a wide variety of bird proofing solutions at residential and commercial buildings of all types. From bird netting, anti-perching pigeon spikes, and bird wire to bird-free gel systems, guano removal and our falconry pest control services, having the ability to work safely and efficiently at heights is necessary to help keep your home and business properties free from nuisance pest birds.

Gull Control in Dorset

Our training and understanding of legislation mean we can also offer guidance when it comes to effective seagull control. Urban Pest Control will work with you to achieve the appropriate measures for a licence application. It is illegal for anyone to injure or kill gulls or to damage and destroy active nests; doing so will lead to a hefty fine and/or imprisonment. Gulls are on the conservation red list and are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Natural England, the UK government’s advisor, issues site-specific licences to give professional pest controllers like us at Urban Pest Control the authority to manage bird control within a local area.

Should you require assistance on bird control solutions or any other pest control in Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch, Dorchester, Wimborne, Weymouth and other surrounding areas please do not hesitate to contact us at or call us on 01202 245755.