Team Urban’s Staff Summer Party at Bournemouth Air Festival

Team Urban’s Staff Summer Party at Bournemouth Air Festival

The annual Bournemouth Air Festival made its much-anticipated return this year, presenting a thrilling four-day event. Urban Pest Control had the pleasure of attending on a stunningly sunny Saturday, accompanied by our friends from Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control, to enjoy the fantastic displays for our Summer Party.

Our day unfolded at the delightful Key West Bar & Grill on Bournemouth Pier. Our arrival was met with a warm welcome from Rosie at the entrance, and Peter from Key West ensured that our visit would be truly memorable. The setting was nothing short of glamorous, with tables adorned in crisp white linen, and a complimentary glass of fizz along with delectable nibbles awaited us. We were seated in a prime spot, offering an unobstructed view of the majestic planes as they soared through the skies. The entire staff at Key West went above and beyond with their polite, friendly and attentive service. They kept our drinks flowing and treated us to dishes from their diverse menu, ranging from the exquisite Posh Fish Finger Sandwich to mouth watering Pizzas and Key West’s Signature Beef Burger.

The combination of Key West’s hospitality and the Bournemouth Air Show created a perfect day. Feeling the vibrations of the thunderous roar of the passing Typhoon and witnessing the iconic Red Arrows painting the sky with their signature red, white, and blue trails were undoubtedly the highlights of the day. However, for those in our group who dared to take on an adrenaline-pumping adventure, the pier’s zip line experience was a close second!

The Bournemouth Air Show, an event steeped in tradition, has long been a beloved fixture in the local community. This spectacular showcase of aerial prowess not only thrills aviation enthusiasts but also brings the community together, offering a unique opportunity to witness world-class aerobatics against the stunning backdrop of the Bournemouth coastline. It’s a fantastic event that unites people from all walks of life and it was a pleasure for Team Urban to attend.

With our Summer Party out of the way, we are back to being fully focussed on offering our range of professional pest control services throughout Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. Get in touch today to learn how we can meet your pest removal needs.