Urban Pest Control Take to the Sea for a Jet Ski Tour

Urban Pest Control Take to the Sea for a Jet Ski Tour

Matt and Kelly, directors of Urban Pest Control, enjoyed some corporate perks last week as they were joined by Matt Towler of Lodi UK for a fantastic afternoon activity. Lodi UK is an industry leading supplier of high quality pest control products. We simply couldn’t offer the superior levels of service our clients expect from us without their incredibly valuable support and advice so it was great to have the opportunity to spend some time with Matt.

As a local independent business we are always keen to support other local businesses, so we decided to take to the water courtesy of Jurassic Jet Ski Tours. Based at Weymouth Harbour, they are perfectly situated for access to the gorgeous Jurassic Coast and they offer fantastic tours of the very picturesque section between Weymouth and Lulworth.

Kelly, Matt and Matt

Under the excellent guidance of their lovely instructor Dan, Kelly and the two Matts jumped aboard their jet skis (after a safety briefing, of course!) and travelled along the coast towards their destination: the world-famous Durdle Door.

The sights and scenery along the 6 mile journey to Lulworth were fascinating – even when flying past them at high speed! Having the opportunity to visit Durdle Door from a different viewpoint than the popular spot on the adjacent beach was a great experience and a real highlight of the tour.

Kelly and the two Matts

The weather was perfect for an activity like this, with clear skies and the sun beaming down for the entirety of the 1-hour long tour. After visiting Durdle Door the group made their way back along the coast enjoying their surroundings just as much as they did on their way there. It’s a privilege to have such a stunning area of natural beauty so close by!

A fantastic day was had by all and the team at Jurassic Jet Ski Tours went out of their way to make sure all of our needs were catered to. Such a great way to spend an afternoon and we definitely recommend it!

Jurassic Jet Ski Tours Logo

A huge thanks to Matt from Lodi UK for a terrific day spent in excellent company. We are so appreciative of everything Lodi UK does to help us deliver our range of expert pest control services and we look forward to continuing our relationship as very loyal customers!

LodiUK Logo

As much as Matt and Kelly wish they could spend everyday riding the waves on a jet ski, unfortunately for them it was right back to reality the very next day as they had to ditch the wetsuits and get back to work!

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