Welcome the Newest Addition to our Falconry Team

Welcome the Newest Addition to our Falconry Team

I feel the need … the need for speed” a popular quote from the well-known movie Top Gun. Well, today, we introduce our very own Maverick and his elite flying to our falconry team.

Mav The Falcon - Bird of Prey Pest Control

Maverick is a Lanner Falcon (Falco Biarmicus), a species from Africa, and he currently weighs 1lb 1oz. Although he is still young, he is proving to be a versatile and buoyant falcon. He will be used by our falconer Ryan on sites with more enclosed spaces. Known within the falconry industry for being very reliable, Lanner Falcons have a tendency to fly very high, often spreading its wings above the intended quarry before pulling off a series of fast attack stoops to the lure, scattering all pest birds in the area. With the combination of his flying style and estimated flight speed of 144 kph, we feel the quote and his name suit Maverick perfectly.

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